8 december 2022

Programmatic Update: December 2022

Programmatic update December 2022

It’s that time again: new month, new [M]media programmatic update! This month’s topics are:

  • The highlights of December 2022
  • A new publisher in the [M]media network
  • Viewability increase of the [M]media network

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Highlights | December 2022


Last month it finally began: the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After taking first place during the group stage, the Netherlands also managed to beat the United States last Saturday and qualify for the quarterfinals. Tomorrow at 20:00 they’ll face Argentina. Will the Netherlands also be able to win this match?

Titles that will pay full attention to this event:

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[M]media networkupdate


Last month we’ve welcomed a subliminal Finance title to the [M]media network. Tostrams is a website which focuses on financial markets, cryptocurrencies and business developments. With this title you’re also in the right place for education, in-depth country analyzes and ETFs. Therefore this title is perfect for increasing your returns and high-end branding.

Stats Tostrams

  • 250.000 unique visitors
  • 450.000 pageviews
  • Target group: Male, female
  • Audience: Finance, high income, high education, B2B, shares & crypto

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Viewability increase of the [M]media network


During the past quarter our teams have been busy with technical optimisations to the network. Therefore we are proud to announce  that the [M]media viewability percentages have increased considerably across the whole board 📈.

Worldwide Google’s able to see a viewability percentage of 68% on positions ‘above the fold’, where we achieve a percentage of no less than 75% and 80% due to improved positioning of ad positions at publisher level. Below the fold this is 40% worldwide, where we achieve an average of 60%. This increase was achieved, among other things, by loading positions when they’re actually viewable.

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  • 30 januari 2023

    Azerion gaat samenwerking aan met advertising platform HYPR.

    Azerion heeft een nieuwe samenwerking aangekondigd met het hyperlokale advertentieplatform HYPR in Nederland.

  • Reis-publishers

    16 januari 2023

    Dit zijn de drie nieuwste versterkingen van ons netwerk

    Om adverteerders zo goed mogelijk te kunnen bedienen zijn we constant bezig met het toevoegen van relevante publishers aan ons netwerk. De titels Luchtvaartnieuws, Reisbizz en Zakenreisnieuws zijn daar geen uitzondering van. Deze drie titels zijn onderdeel van Reismedia Group, wat een groep is voor publishers gerelateerd aan alles omtrent reizen.